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January 26, 2013



OK, so not all that fond of ham, but do like bacon. Have you tried a variant of this with bacon? (Or would that be totally out of bounds?)


Bacon is never out of bounds! I have not tried it here simply because I was trying to recreate a family recipe. I think bacon certainly could work though. I would probably increase the amount of bread by half, since you would use less bacon with it's stronger flavor. I would also be tempted to cook the bacon at least half-way to crispy so the stuffing wouldn't be greasy. And perhaps add a little smoked paprika to the salt and pepper. You have given me something to think about here--and a new recipe to try. Thanks!


I'm interested in what you find if you try bacon. Unfortunately for my wife (who likes to cook), I live in the culinary version of Flatland, with bacon cheeseburgers on one axis and double pepperoni pizzas on the other. So, bacon is always in the mix. As for the recipe, perhaps the parmesan might also be swapped out for something? Thanks very much. -G


G: I have been thinking about this, and imagine that there is lot's of room for improvising here. I think the parmesan could be swapped out, as could the bread crumbs. Rice perhaps? I am sure there is some healthy recipe out there to stuff artichokes with quinoa. But I will stay close to Porkville. And the next time I find artichokes on sale, I will try your bacon idea. Cheers, Annie

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