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April 19, 2013



I understand why you consider using a dollop of molasses in a Golden Syrup-based recipe to be a "cheat", but what other options for *naturally* darkening gingerbread batter are there?


I can't think of any other additions that would darken the gingerbread without hurting the flavor. For instance, you could add some espresso or cocoa powder, but that would change the flavor of the gingerbread in a way you might not like. I think Laurie would have sad to just use the molasses. :-)


Coffee does sound hideous, and not-gingerbread. What about using the reduction of an appropriate liqueur? A dark rum reduction would be an interesting twist on the molasses "cheat", and you could mull it with compatible spices and maybe take it to the next level. Not sure it would work...just a thought.


This solution had not occurred to me. I am not an alcohol-in-my-food kinda girl. But I like the idea of a spiced rum. You could also caramelize sugar into a solution until it was dark enough. But the rum would probably taste better!

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